Nolly (nollykin) wrote in airguitarworld,

Air Guitar Sales over the INTERWEB?!

Air Guitar on Ebay

VIVA LA AIR GUITAR! Air guitars selling high on EBAY! Won't be long until our fabled instrument is globally famous.

....This has to be the first post in months- but hey! It was postworthy!

No pictures, but an impromptu Air-Guitar jam to Greenday's "Holiday" While working registers at my hardware store caused me to perform air-kicks and jump on the counter, which got laughs and looks from many a customer and employee alike. One of them noted that I looked more like a male centerfold than a guitarist- Which really made me wonder about him. Not to mention that it made no sense. Unless of course Male Centerfolds are sporting Air Guitars, these days- That would be sweet.
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